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I'm a Virginia girl to the core, born and raised. I'm a lover of sweet tea, warm weather entangled in rainy days, and people. I am absolutely inspired by people. I'm drawn to their stories, their passions, and their missions. I'm a follower of Jesus and He is my foundation. I'm convinced that He's completely in love with me. So much so, He has blessed me with an amazing husband and two of the most amazing, sweetest, cutest twin boys.


I love that every individual is different and unique and I shape my business around that concept. I'm a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer with a passion to meet the needs of my clients. There is such a freedom that unfolds in front of my lens and that's what I aim to capture. It's not enough to just remember the day or who was in the photo but the goal is to capute how you felt. A good picture brings back memories but a great photo causes you ro relive the memories of that moment. And that's what I'm into, great photos for extraordinary people!


I would love to hear your story!

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